How Do I Sell My House Greenville SC?

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Our 3-Step Simple Selling Process…

step 1 how do i sell my house fast for cash

Tell us about your property by filling in the form below or calling us at (864) 990-5235. To provide fair cash offers, it’s important for us to understand the condition and value of your property.

step 2 how do i sell my house fast for cash

Once we have a better understanding of your property, we’ll connect you with a local cash buyer who specializes in your market. Once you approve our offer range, we’ll schedule a walk-through to estimate repair costs and provide you with a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours.

step 3 how do i sell my house fast for cash

After you’ve accepted our cash offer, we’ll work with you to set a closing date that aligns with your home selling timeline. On the closing date, you’ll receive cash for your house, and the property will be transferred to its new owner.


What info will you need from me?

We can help you sell your house quickly if you help us gather some basic information about it.

  • Timeline to sell your property
  • Current condition of the property
  • Rooms that were renovated (if any)
  • Your ultimate goal with the property
  • How long you’ve owned the property
  • The reason for wanting to sell

This information will help us figure out how we can provide the best solution for you (potentially beyond the typical cash offer).

Do I get cash offer right away on the phone?

No… We do not give our exact cash offer during the initial phone call, but we will give you an initial offer range.

Why Not? Other “We Buy Houses” Companies Make Offers Right Away On The Phone…

Unfortunately, some companies may offer an inflated price to entice you to sign a contract, only to come back later and ask for a price reduction using an “inspection report”. At our company, we believe in transparency and honesty throughout the buying process. Despite what you might expect, this is a tactic used by many buyers in every market. This is why cash home buyers have a bad reputation, and we can’t stand it.

We provide fair and accurate offers upfront, and we won’t ask for a price reduction unless there are unforeseen issues with the property that were not disclosed to us during the initial assessment. Our goal is to make the selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients.

How do I know you’re not going to lowball me?

If we made lowball offers, we would not be in business. Our goal is to make you the best cash offer possible and provide exceptional service. Our business is based on buying houses across the country, and we’re dedicated to outperforming our competitors by offering fair and competitive prices.

sell my house fast greenville sc

Working With “Sell My House Fast Greenville” Means Finding The Best Fit For Your Home Sale

If the value of your home falls outside of our offer range, we’re happy to discuss alternative options that may better suit your needs. Our goal is to help you, whether that means working with us or connecting you with another company that can better meet your expectations.

How Our Cash Offer is Calculated…


After Repair Value (ARV): This is the estimated market value of your home after we purchase and renovate the property.

Cost of Repairs: This is our estimated cost to update your house to current market conditions, which represents a significant savings for you in addition to saving you time.

Our Selling Costs: This is an estimate of the costs associated with selling your property, including commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property), and escrow fees. These costs typically amount to around 10% of the After Repair Value (ARV).

Return on Investment (ROI): This is how we pay our contractors and keep our business running smoothly. Without returning a profit, we wouldn’t be able to continue providing exceptional service to our clients.

“I’m not a fan of formulas. Can you explain this to me in simpler terms?”

To calculate your offer, we take the estimated market value of your home after renovations, subtract the costs of repairs and our profit margin.

Want To Know What Your Numbers Are?

Simply fill out the short form, and we will get in touch to discuss your property and give you an offer.

Why Sell To You Instead Of Listing With A Realtor?

No matter the current state of the market, it’s important to consider all of your options when selling your home. Check out our blog for ideas and guidance on how to make the most informed decision based on your individual circumstances and goals.

While listing your home with a local agent may seem like the best way to achieve a higher sales price, this doesn’t always translate to more money in your pocket once commissions and closing costs are factored in, not to mention the additional time and stress involved in the traditional home selling process.

Let’s compare selling your house to SELL MY HOUSE FAST GREENVILLE vs. with a local real estate agent… 


  • You pay 0% in commission and NO fees.
  • We pay ALL closing costs.
  • Close within 7-28 days or on your timeline.
  • Sell in “as-is” condition without making any repairs.
  • No formal inspections.
  • No open houses or endless walkthroughs.
  • No appraisal or financing contingencies.

Selling With A Real Estate Agent

  • You typically pay 6% of the sales price in commission.
  • You pay 2%-4% of the sales price in closing costs.
  • Closing can take 60-90 days after accepting an offer.
  • You need to make repairs to bring your home up to market standards.
  • Many buyers request an inspection, which can drop the sale price or result in more repairs.
  • Sometimes there are 20+ showings and open houses.
  • If an appraisal comes back lower than expected, you may be forced to lower your sale price.

Still have questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions page or give us a call or text to find out more at (864) 990-5235. We are happy to chat with you before you submit your property information. 🙂

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If you’re looking to sell your home quickly without an agent or listing, Sell My House Fast Greenville can help. We buy houses in any condition, in any situation, and in any timeframe. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, or need to relocate quickly, we can offer you a fast cash offer and close in as little as seven days. Our team of cash home buyers in Greenville, SC, will handle all the paperwork and make the process hassle-free for you. Contact us today to get started and receive the highest cash offer for your home.